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The river is a lesson that nature cannot be controlled, so embrace the change and go with the flow.



John Knopf

California native John Knopf is passionate about nature. John was raised on the belief that one should march to the beat of their own drum. Growing up on the central coast and spending his summers hiking, he learned from the best. John attributes his outdoor obsession to his family moving around a lot growing up. Since then John has become widely acclaimed for his panoramic landscape views and his ability to capture spectacular beauty through a camera lens. With a fast growing following, John has set out on a journey of discovering the great art shows of nature’s light, and invites you to come along. “It’s not about the photo, it’s about the hunt. The bigger the challenge the larger the reward”, says Knopf.Knopf is an Emmy nominated international award-winning photographer whose work has been recognized by National Geographic, Red Bull, USA Today, Billboard Magazine and Google INC. to name a few.