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We made our way up the 1400 feet structure at sunset intent on having a successful first mission together. When we arrived, the clouds swept low through Manhattan and swallowed us. I climbed onto the crane and looked down to see I was atop the very clouds I so often look up to. I took pictures and sat in amazement, aware that I was in the presence of something much greater.



Isaac “Drift” Wright

Isaac “Drift” Wright is an U.S. Army special operations veteran as well as an urban explorer and photographer specializing in portraying the essence of exploration. He has coined the phrase “To the moon and never back” as both his philosophy and motto live by. He believes that there is more, to us and to life, and that the pursuit of this is the highest of human endeavours.

His aim is to bring to the surface deeper realities of the world in hopes of inspiring others to go beyond and explore in their own lives as he believes the possibility of growth is the most exciting of all human prospects. In December of 2020, He was incarcerated for his work where he had both his race and his military background used against him. He would fight for six months before the story appeared on the cover of the New York Times on June 6th, 2021.