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There Is Nothing To Fear

There Is Nothing To Fear

Personal growth is oftentimes found on the other side of discomfort. Before doing aerial photography, I had an intense fear of flying. Airplanes and helicopters? No chance.

As I grew older, I realized that my biggest fear was living a life filled with regrets. Regret for not taking on the opportunities presented and not realizing my full potential. And so when I was presented the chance to fly over one of the world’s greatest cities and capture it from a whole new perspective, I swallowed my fear and took it.

It was then that I realized that on the other side of fear, there is empowerment. There is wisdom. There is growth.


JN Silva

On a quest to be a modern day Renaissance Man, a goal I tackle one day at a time.

I am “The Idealist”.   A passionate lover (in love with my muse), spirited photographer, loving brother, gracious son, but above all, an insatiable learner.  I seek unity.  Unity of body and mind, of emotions and intellect.  Through my years I’ve realized that the following is right:  The more I learn, the more aware I grow of my ignorance.

I began taking pictures as a way of making keepsakes for myself.  My memory is terrible, and photography has the magical effect of instilling in me where I was, and more importantly, how I felt when I pressed that shutter button.  The feeling I get from seeing people enjoy my photography is indescribable.

Music is my escape from my own thoughts, and so I cherish it deeply.  In a perfect world, I would be a godly drummer.

I started to study computer programming in college, until I became aware of a deep-rooted hatred for math that lingered inside, so I switched to a double major in English and Philosophy.  That turned out to be the greatest decisions of my life, because it taught me to critically think for myself, and to cherish the truth above all.